High Quality Cutting, Stitching, Assembly and Fulfillment Services


We offer 33 years of experience manufacturing stitched goods, die cutting, and fulfillment services. Our staff of 35 craftspeople are experts in cutting, stitching, product assembly and packaging, and share our 11,000 square foot manufacturing facility with the zero-gravity chair production team. Our clients Include small and large firms, from home-based businesses to the United States government

All work is guaranteed to meet strict quality standards — the highest in the Industry. 

Put our expertise to work for you! Please contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION to help design,  produce and ship your pieces in the most efficient, cost-effectiveManner.


“We have been very pleased with all of the work that has been done for us by the company. We have found Janice, Andrew and Jeff very accommodating. Their response to our phone calls and/or emails is always prompt.  They have a very "open door" policy. They don't mind when we stop in with more manufacturing projects. Whenever we have any questions about how the sewing is being done, they are happy to bring us right to the seamstress.”

— Patty, owner at Sterling Rose Buds